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Here, you can ask the experts of WWFL your questions and doubts on company formation.

  • I am a UAE resident. I am very much interested in setting up a FOREX trading firm in a UAE Free Zone. I will be very much grateful to you for your valuable suggestions regarding it.
  • UAE laws only allow investment consultancy. Free zones don’t give permission to start stock brokerage or investment activity. However, investment and brokerage firms can be registered in Dubai (DIFC).

  • This is Ali from Oman. What are the lingering regulations in running a business from our home in UAE? Is there any possibility of transforming a part of my house into a business unit?
  • Running a business inside your home or in any residential buildings in UAE is strictly prohibited. You must get a business facility to start a business of your own. However, you can contact the Economic Department regarding the matter, and sometimes some special arrangements can be expected with some special approval.

  • May I know the technicalities behind operating a restaurant in Dubai? Could you help me to know about its establishment and maintenance cost? I would be very much grateful for your worthy suggestion.
  • For starting a restaurant you must need a local partner, like a UAE National or a Company. Please refer this site of Dubai Economic Department, to know more about the license fees and other allied costs. Apart from that, you must be specific on the kind of restaurant you intent to open as there will be variations in the cost according to the infrastructure you occupy.

  • Could you please tell me the basic investment to start an import/export business in a Free zone?
  • You must have a minimum capital of AED 200,000/- to operate a trading business in the Free trade zone.

  • Is there any law in the UAE like “Intellectual Property Rights”?
  • Dubai Chamber of Commerce would be the right source to guide you regarding this.
    You can also clarify this with the embassy in the country.

  • I am an Importer of minerals and marbles based in Europe. Can you tell me about the kind of license I ought to have for trading in the UAE region?
  • A commercial license is what you require for the import/export business.

  • My family has a successful pharmaceutical business running in our country. I am looking forward to expand into the UAE. What are the possibilities?
  • Since you are doing a health related business, you are liable to get special sanctions from the Health Ministry, also from the Economic Department of UAE.

  • I’m Sukhdev from India. Can you help me with the relevant information on commencing an export business of perishable goods from India to UAE?
  • You have two options.
    1. If you are opting to sell your products directly to the end customers, you require a local license from the Economic Department. You also need a local partner indeed a UAE National to carry it out. Refer this site to know about the costs and requirements incumbent upon it.

    2. It is also possible to start a company in the free zones like RAK FTZ. In this way you can have a 100% ownership over your company avoiding local partners. However, here you are limited to sell your products to only shops and companies that have import license and not to end-users.

  • I will be straight to the point and save your precious time. I want to start a company with 100% ownership. I know I have to register my company in a free zone. Please let me know how I can start the process.
  • You can go ahead by setting up your company in the RAK FTZ with Flexi-Desk-BC package. All the very best!

  • Hello, I will be moving in to Dubai shortly and am planning to set up a business there. The idea is to setup a menswear boutique. Can you please guide me regarding the estimated start-up cost? I am new to the laws and procedures of Dubai so please help me by answering this: In your opinion, what is best-to open my business in a Mall or in a retail space? The business plan is to sell the cloths in UAE itself, i.e. no export or import. Waiting for your reply. Thank you.
  • The Dubai Economic Department can help you in this case. Please go through this link . This will help you in having a holistic view on your query. Also, seek assistance of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, if required. Best wishes.

How can we help you set up your dream company in UAE?

How can we help you set up your dream company in UAE?