The building blocks of any business start with the 4 Ps of marketing. Of these 4, the ‘Place’ is still revered by many pundits as the most critical variable, which, if not chosen rightly, can stifle the a-z activities of any business. A good and promising place (or location, in business parlance), with little or […]

Things To Be Considered When Registering A Company In Ajman Free Zone

Ajman, the smallest Emirate in the UAE, offers several advantages to businesses. The Emirate provides low set up and maintenance costs for companies established there and its geographical position at the entrance of the Arabian Gulf offers unique advantages to industries. Ajman is close to both Sharjah and Dubai and its the location is particularly […]

Guide To Renewing Your Residence Visa In UAE

People from every part of the world are drawn to the United Arab Emirates because of the high living standards, excellent quality of education, and a host of entrepreneurial opportunities. The processes involved in obtaining residency permits and paperwork in UAE varies as per your nationality and several other factors. Most immigrants require a registered […]

Why RAK is one of the best Global Free Zones for SMES

With an annual economic growth rate of over 8%, Ras Al Khaimah is fast emerging as the destination of choice for businesses across industry spectrums. The emirate has a rich history of trade and export. Its strategic location provides businesses easy access to customers in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa – a combined market […]

Dubai’s New Dual Licensing System To Revolutionize Its Business Landscape

Dubai has long been one of the most attractive business destinations and the most dynamic markets in the Middle East. The emirate has been able to maintain this reputation over the past many years with a string of visionary policies aimed at building a more diverse economy. The latest in the list of the government’s […]

How Free Zones Can Help You Establish A Business Quickly In Sharjah

With its reputation as the cultural capital of the UAE, the Emirate of Sharjah is a very attractive investment destination for businesses across industry verticals. The Emirate boasts of an impressive growth rate with thousands of investors coming in annually, strong trade relationships spanning more than 125 countries, and three globally renowned Free Zones that […]

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